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Call me at (904) 853-5478 to setup a free confidential phone consultation, so that we can have a chat and find out what the best next step is for you, your family, children or in your relationship.

I know not everyone is comfortable jumping on the phone right away to discuss personal matters like this, so if you'd be more comfortable starting off via email please fill out the form or email me directly at [email protected]

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Rates: Self Pay
  • New Patient Evaluation - $200
  • 45 Minute Therapy Session - $112.50
  • 60 Minute Therapy Session - $150
  • Group Therapy - $60
  • Initial Consult - Couples Therapy - $225
  • Couples Therapy - 60 Minute Appointment - $200
  • Divorce Cases; Coparenting and Attorney Case Consultations -  $250/hr
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Cancellation Policy
  • You are expected to arrive for your appointment 5-10 minutes early to complete the check-in process and address any concerns prior to being seen.
  • Appointment reminders are a courtesy.  If for any reason you do not receive a reminder, you are still responsible for keeping the appointment.
  • Please provide 72-hours notice to CANCEL appointments.  For Monday appointments (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday), cancellations must be made by NOON the Friday prior to the appointment to avoid a late-cancellation fee.
  • We charge the full cost of your session for all no shows and cancellations with less than 72-hours’ advance notice. This fee is equal to the self-pay rate.  If you are utilizing insurance, please note that this fee is our standard self pay rate (see Rates on the About page) and NOT your insurance co-pay amount.
  • Appointments are time set aside specifically for you – we do not overbook appointments.  When you miss an appointment without providing proper notice another person is prevented from receiving care. Your time is very valued and we will always do our best to have you scheduled on short notice with cancellation slots when/if they become available.  We appreciate the opportunity to do that for others as well.