(Therapy and Counseling for Ages 2-10)
1) Therapy: kids (2-10) Play, Play, Play… Child centered play therapy is a fancy name for how kids “do” therapy.

Children use play as their form of communication. Play therapy allows a relationship and interaction between a child and therapist to grow. The focus is child centered and allows the child to fully express and explore self (feelings, thoughts, experiences, and behaviors) through play.
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Teens, Tweens & Adolescents

(Therapy and Counseling for Ages 11-18)
Are you struggling with your tween or teen? Are you also struggling to create change at home with behavioral concerns? There is help to do it differently, more happiness for your teen and within the family.

Adolescents are not always cooperative when it comes to receiving counseling services. This is a normal response from any teen. It is the parents who struggle on how to encourage their teenager to participate when there are concerns.

Teens are struggling with more anxiety and depression than ever before. School and sports are more demanding, more intimidating, and more stressful. Learning healthy coping skills, developing a sense of independence attached to values of respect and creating a circle of friends (however big or small that is positive) to deal with the pressures of today .

“Children need someone to reassure them that play – their own, unique, imaginative play – is something to be valued.”

– Fred Rogers
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